Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Oreos, Socks and Parenthood

I don't quite remember how and when I met Jim Short. I believe, however, that it was back when I started riding my bike a few years back. But it seems and it feels like we've been friends forever.

Jim taught me a lot about bikes, and about life. We didn't ride as much together as he did with many of his other friends, but the few times we did, we made the most of it.

As the years went by and our friendship grew, we learned that we had much more in common that was apparent on the surface. We both loved, and I mean LOVED Oreo cookies. We both had the same affinity for crazy, happy, weird and out of the ordinary dress socks. His wit and humor made for some very special and out of the ordinary conversations. I will miss these.

A day not too long ago, we shared an Oreo Lasagna recipe. I didn't know which one of us was drooling more. I think he was; he called me and said he had something for me. We met and he delivered a half way eaten Oreo Lasagna in a pan. He had shared a portion of it with his mother and his "little britches." The rest, he said, was for me and my family. I think I gained 15 lbs, but it didn't matter much.

During the early days of February 2017, I posted a photo of my socks on Instagram and Facebook. Jim posted right back. Next thing you know, we're in the middle of the #HappySock Challenge, which lasted the entire month.

"All right Mauricio, the weekend is over. Back to SERIOUS business! #happysocks #keepitgoing#gameon #funsocks #makeFacebookfunagain"

But it wasn't just about Oreos and Socks. We talked often about parenthood. As far as I'm concerned he was one of the best dads I have ever met. His "Little Britches" was his world. I wanted to learn more. I wanted to learn his outlook and view on parenthood. He happily shared. I absorbed as much as I could because after all, you're never too old to learn.

I told him one time how proud I was of him, of the daddy he was. I told him that he would be rewarded later with the awesome grown man his Logan would grow up to be. I am sad that he will not get to see this, but we will get to see a bit on Jim in Logan... maybe a lot of Jim.

Today we will say our final goodbyes; we will ride one more mile with him. It is a sad day. We will all miss Jim. R.I.P. my friend.