Thursday, May 11, 2017

Love My Tribe

I read a lot. A whole lot. I'm a fervent user of social media as well. Not only do I post often, but I read here a lot as well. My use of different social media platforms has changed through the years, and I expect that as I continue to grow, these needs and purposes will change as well. Social content, in my case, is driven by what it's important to me at the moment. This is why you have seen my content evolved. A lot.

Through the years I have shared my passion for personal growth (physical, mental, intellectual and emotional) with those that cared to follow. Thank you for that. I am sure that many have been turned off, but politely, they have just either ignored me or just went away. I thank you for that as well.

I went from an overweight couch potato to an Ironman Finisher and 18 time Marathon Finisher. All this in a matter of 11 years. I have shared just about every step of the way with you. You have supported me. Encouraged me. Laughed with me. Cried with me. You have pushed me in ways you cannot imagine. My tribe is indeed my strength.

As my goals grew, so did your support. Not once, not ever... ever, did I hear anyone of you say that "I couldn't do what I wanted to do." At least, not to my face. For this I thank you. On the contrary, with each new adventure, I received more support, more encouragement. Even today, as I pursue a new goal, I find that your support is unwavering. Again, my tribe is amazing.

So this leaves me wondering...

For years I have read posts from others. Posts which claim that they have been told: "they couldn't do what they set out to do". Some posts claim that people told them that they were "crazy" and "fools", that they didn't have what it takes. Many such posts claim much of the same.

These posts also claim that these conversations are the "motivators" behind their drive. I get it. Find motivation wherever you can. Find motivation from negative thoughts, comments, ideas, perceptions. I get all that.

These posts have claimed that family and friends are not, and have not been supportive. Some claim, that they're fighting this battle alone. I don't get it. How would this conversation go?

Me: "My next goal is to finish an Ironman triathlon"
Non-Supportive Family or Friend: "What? you're nuts, crazy, loco. You can't do that! It won't happen. You don't have what it takes. You're wasting your time. Give up now. Don't start what you can't finish." etc, etc. etc.

Do conversations like this really take place? I cannot imagine.

But, in case they do, all I have to say, and I'll say it again: "I have an awesome tribe!"

Love y'all