Thursday, July 7, 2016

MCM Training Day No.11 ~ Intervals

For the record and before I go on... I hate intervals. I do 'em, because I understand their purpose. But I hate 'em. I'd rather run hills, all day long. Well, maybe not all day long.

With that being said, I made it to the high school track, in between severe weather warnings, for tonight's interval session. First a warm up: 5 min Z1, 5 min Z2. And then the fun: 6 X 1 min Z4 ~ 2 min Z1 and a 5 min Z1 cool down.

Somehow I ended with 7 intervals. Losing count is part of the deal.

Tomorrow I have a "rest" day but I'm considering Hot Yoga in the morning, This could be considered "rest", right?