Friday, July 8, 2016

Day Off ~ Hot Yoga ~ A Few Things I've Already Learned

Here are a few things I've already learned during my two rounds of  Hot Yoga...

1). I learned that I will never be accidentally mistaken for Gumby. Yes, I know...Never say "never". In that case, it'll be a long time before I can proudly wear the nickname "Gumby". A. Very. Long. Time.

2). I learned that during "shavasana" (for you non-yogis, that's the time at the end of the class where you lay on your mat and chill)... and are you impressed yet? I learned what "shavasana" is! Anyhow, during "shavasana" you're really supposed to stay awake yet completely relaxed... this is hard to do. Time to take a quick nap!

3). I learned that the fact is that "yes" you can and will sweat a bucket!

4). I learned that trying to follow the instructor's lead is a dangerous proposition. Really! Who can twist like that?!

5). I learned that Lululemon is the brand of choice for the ladies and the guys are just happy with a pair of shorts from the deep discount rack at the local store.

6). I learned that if you get there early enough you can get an out of the way spot in the back of the studio. Near the side door. In case you need a quick escape.

7). I learned how long 60 minutes really are. Time does fly.

8). I learned that the "chair" pose is not really as easy as it looks.

9). I learned that you really need to be in a beginners mind when trying things for the first time. Do not compare yourself to others.

10). I learned that perfection should not be the goal, but effort and progression should be.