Thursday, November 13, 2014

"Tri Talk" ... A New Kind Of Forum Experience

There's an endless number of forums available where triathletes can go to discuss topics of interest to the sport. Many of this forums take a mind of their own and the personality of those that use them most, regardless of the good intentions of the forum creator and its moderators.

A group was created on facebook with the intention of allowing triathletes of any and all levels, experience and ability to feel free to post questions, comments, concerns. They can look for and ask for advice on any topic related to the sport. It is not limited nor specific to a specific brand or race distance; from Sprint to Iron Distance and everything in between.

We have been very vigilant to ensure that spammers do not find their way to our group and that the forum is not used for direct soliciting and promoting of specific products and/or services. This guarantees our members a more enjoyable experience.

The group has grown (as of this writing) to 1270 members and the group was created just two months ago.  So what's the reason for its success?  One member said it best:

   "One thing I will say about this board in general espcially after spending time in beginnertriathlete and slowtwitch is the lever of decency between people despite many different opinions is unlike anything I've ever seen on an Internet board. It's great to be able to speak your mind..."

A wide array of topics spark interesting conversations on a daily basis, from saddle selection to personality types. So, we invite you to come join the talk, the Tri Talk. To do so, click here now!