Friday, December 21, 2012

About "Normal to Excellent"

Last week at a regular scheduled semi-annual visit with my doctor he ordered a host of "tests" to run. So many that when I arrived to get blood drawn the nurse came in with so many vials that you would have thought I was there to donate blood, not to get blood work done.

And why so many tests, you may ask?  Well, this was the result of conversation with Doc regarding how I was feeling; overly tired, sleepy, etc...  I had never experienced this at this level before, when I had it was very manageable.  I would just take a day or two of extra rest and problem be gone.  This time around, this feeling just kept hanging around.  Of course you can imagine my concerns.

I arrived at the doctors office this morning with a lot of expectation.  Not sure what I was going to hear, I expected the worst.  Not sure what the "worst" was, but I was ready!  Bring it on, I thought!

When he came in to the examining room, he had a big smile on his face.  Maybe he always carried that smile; he's been my doctor for over 25 years, maybe I just hadn't noticed before.

After all the normal pleasantries, he opened my file, which by now it looks like volume "R" of Encyclopedia Britannica, and quickly began to hum and scratch his head.  "Ohh oh" I thought.  "What is he looking at?"

"Well" he said, "Everything looks good.  No... everything looks great!"  Now I was the one with the smile.  He proceeded to tell me that "Each and everyone of the numerous tests he requested came back "Normal To Excellent"; physiologically there's no real reason for you to be feeling the way you are."

So what was the problem?

After some discussion regarding my peculiar situation, he concluded my visit by saying:  "You're not as young as you used to be.  Listen to your body and take an extra day or two or three of rest.  You can't be out there running and cycling and swimming with kids half your age and expect to keep up with them."

So, there you are!  Proof Positive once again that Exercise, Diet and a Healthy life style is the way to Go!