Tuesday, November 20, 2012

About Great Runs

Not all runs are good runs because some are just great ones!

I have been running on a great string of fast paced runs.  Okay, maybe not a great long string, just a few.  Okay two!

Last week I had two of my fastest runs in a very long time.  On Tuesday I ran 6 miles at at blistering 9:09 pace.  I followed this up with another 6 mile run on Thursday at an even faster 8:49 pace.

I must admit two factors were involved in this turn around.  One was/is the great running weather we're blessed with and the second could be my new shoes... Nike Free!

During the weekend I ran 14 miles at my usual turtle 10 and change pace.  This was on purpose.  Ran it with friends and they took it easy on me. They have no idea how much I appreciated that.  Wore the Brooks Pure Flow.

Today I was back on the road.  Wanted to see if I could surpass last weeks lighting fast run.  My totals today were not as impressive.  6.5 miles @ 9:02/m.

HOWEVER.... this may not have been as "good" a run as last week's but my goodness, today's run was just a "great" run.  I felt fantastic. Smooth running, steady pacing.

Gotta love days like this!