Friday, March 2, 2012

About A Happy Coincidence

I have been dispensing free advise for as long as I can remember to anyone who is willing to listen.  I have also been fascinated with the ability of the human mind to take us places we never thought possible, at times overcoming insurmountable obstacles.  So much so that I have dedicated a good portion of whatever free time I may find, to educate myself in the subject and to test theories in the matter.

As human beings we often take the path of least resistance, keeping us in a comfortable and familiar zone.  Venturing out of this zone takes work, effort and dedication and working on this sometimes takes more than we're willing to put forth.

Enter the world of sports and fitness.

By now anyone not living under a rock understands the importance of physical activity.  The problem is however, that the distance between understanding and taking action, actually doing something about it, is quiet large.  Few people find themselves comfortable enough with themselves to tackle something new, something different, something that may actually take some hard work to accomplish.

But it's not all lost.  I have written and talked about the one element that ensures, or at least gives you a better shot at success... Mental Training.

On January 13, 2012, I wrote a post entitled: "About The Fifth Element".  In it I discussed the importance of being mentally ready to tackle your triathlon, specifically your Ironman.  This post has been the second most viewed, shared and re-tweeted of all posts in this blog.

So, imagine my Happy Coincidence when I found the link for an article that CNN Health wrote on Tuesday, February 21, 2012 (six weeks after I penned mine) entitled:  "Train your brain, then your body"   In this article, the author spells out one the Triathletes I most admire, Chrissie Wellington's advise on mental readiness and toughness.

It was eerie to me to read the article because it sounded oh so familiar, but as I read on I became excited and happy with the fact that indeed, I'm not to far off base.  To have the four time World Ironman Champion agree with me, was... is unimaginable.

Okay, she didn't actually agree with me by name.  She obviously has no idea who this age grouper is, but nonetheless, her thoughts are totally in line, or rather my thoughts are totally in line with the way she thinks.

In a very indirect and oh so unwittingly, this article validates the work that I'm trying to do, and more importantly the person I'm trying to be.

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