Monday, February 27, 2012

About Bonehead Decisions

I consider myself a pretty level headed kind'a person.  I make decisions after a well thought out process.  So far, this has served me well.  I have no complaints.

A long time ago, I read somewhere that a logical person makes the right decision 95% of the time, given the facts and conditions of the moment.  Circumstances may change after the decision is made which at time it may render the decision as a bonehead decision.

This is what happened to me this past Friday.

My younger daughter Marcela invited me (earlier in the week) to attend with her a Boot Camp class at the gym where she works.  She told me, and I quote:  "You WILL love this class, papa".

Well, who am I to decline such a special invitation.  I have heard of such classes.  I have heard that they are not for the faint of heart.  I have heard that it'll whip you in shape, like it or not. I have heard all these marvelous things and now with my daughters recommendation and invitation, I had to try it.

And so I did.  I showed up on time and ready to go.  First thing I noticed was that I was the only male in the class.  Not a problem, I can do this.  Second thing I noticed was that I had at least 20 years on the rest of the class.  Again, not a problem.  I can so do this.

It also turns out that my daughter had been bragging about me to her friends and co-workers.  As the class started, I told the trainer that I would do my best to keep up, to which he replied:  "You're an Ironman, you'll be just fine."  And so the pressure increased.

Throughout the 90 minute class, I managed to go through the 8 or 9 stations without consequence.  Some where pretty tough while others were very manageable.  I could begin to feel which body parts needed work.  My estimate was that I lost a least three liters of sweat, if I lost a drop.  As the class concluded I was happy, happy that I survived.  Happy that it was over.  Some of the ladies came over and asked if this was my first time at a class like this.  "What? was it that obvious?" was what I thought.  But I simply replied that it was.  They in turn said, "wow, you did good."  I smiled and thanked them.  I told my daughter how polite these ladies were.  I think they were trying to make me feel better!

I still had a 40 minute run.  Not sure how I managed to do this, but it got done!

And then it hit me.  Like a ton of bricks.  I was tired and exhausted.  My body began to hurt.  My muscles began to get tight and my legs began to feel heavy.

On Saturday, I could hardly walk.  With every step I took, my quads felt like hot pokers were being dug into my leg.  I made the decision to bypass the spin class scheduled for this morning.  But the swim I thought would help.  So off to the pool I went.

After I finished 2200 yds in the water, I tried to get out of the pool but was having a difficult time.  My legs were not willing to help.  One of the lifeguards came by and asked if I was okay.  "Yes. I. Am." and gave him that 'leave me alone' look.

The rest of the day was not any better.  It was difficult to move around.  I spent most of the day on the sofa.

Yesterday (Sunday) I thought the legs were feeling better, so I went for my run.  Ha!  Nothing doing.  It ended up being more like a very slow walk.  I don't think I have ever moved so slow in my life.  It took me 1 hour and 40 minutes to go 3.5 miles.  Yeah, it was pitiful.  My hope is that in a couple of days my quads would have forgiven me for the abuse so I can get back to proper training.

So, what have taken from this:  1).  I have an amazing daughter.  I would do this for her again, in a heart beat.  2).  Not really necessary trying to keep up with good looking, younger women.  I will loose every time.  3).  I'm not in as good a shape as I thought I was.  Time to get extra work on my legs.


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