Wednesday, August 24, 2011

About What's Left To Do

Yes, we're on the home stretch!  In just about 90 hours (from the writing of this post) it will be time to get my game on in Louisville, KY.

The training is done, the tapering is in progress and the mind and soul are at peace for they know that with the able direction of coach Barry of Endurance Geeks, I have done the very best to get ready for this epic day.

The gear has been laid out on the couch for the past several days.  I go over and over the list, ensuring that nothing is missing.  There are five piles; swim, bike, run, nutrition and miscellaneous.  Occasionally I realize that an item needs to be added, like last night at 1AM.  So I proceed to add it and be done with it... for the moment.

I did not want to check on the weather predictions until Monday.  This is something I cannot control, so I didn't want to worry about it.  Much to my pleasant surprise, the weather has been very favorable for Ironmaning!

High 85, Precip 10%, Humidity 67% Wind from N at 8

Yesterday and today the forecast had slightly improved, so I'm hopeful.

I have had to find stuff to do to keep busy.  Some of you may know that I am recently retired and I'm in the process of getting a few projects off the ground, one of which is a Translation and Interpretation Service.  This has kept me busy, but not totally.  The focus for this is not where it needs to be, yet.

So, in comes my wife.  She suggested I write and design stuff.  She tells me that I should use my energy to put thoughts in paper and share with others what I'm going through, in the best possible manner I know; a positive one.

On Monday I started posting on my facebook pageDailyMile page and Twitter images of what I wanted to share.  Here's what I came up with:
Monday's Message

"I am very respectful of the course, of the challenge and the hugeness of the task in front of me.  But I "Ain't Skeered"

Tuesday's Message

"I am as determined to do this as I have been determined to do anything else in my life.  I expect that nothing will get in my way of accomplishing what I set out to do just about a year ago."

Wednesday's Message

"Everyone, including myself, has their own private reasons and motivation for doing something like this.  As stated in a previous post, YES, I will get a tattoo, but this is about so much more than that."

I suspect that I will add to this collection in the next couple of days.  I will have to depend on the power of "auto posting" to get that done because I also suspect that my mind will be racing a hundred miles per hour.

For anyone interested and wishing to track me, you need to go to the IronmanLIVE website on Sunday.  There you will have to navigate through links to find the "Athlete Tracking" option.  You can find me by either searching for my name, Mauricio Sanchez or by my bib number, which is 2765.  I expect to be in the water somewhere around 7:15 am (EST), and my expectation is to cross the finish line somewhere around 10:00 pm (EST), everything in between is somewhat irrelevant.  They will have several check points which will be tracked on the website and they will have a live camera at the finish line... How cool is that?