Friday, August 5, 2011

About The Louisville Heebie Jeebies

Usually defined as nervousness or fright; jitters; creeps... and I'm beginning to feel them.

This usually doesn't happen to me until race week.  Usually a few days before is when I begin to question everything.  Additionally, every little incidental twitch, ache, pain, etc. seems to be magnified.  "What is that?  Where did that come from?  Oh, no... not now!"

So, why have I already been visited by "The Louisville Heebie Jeebies"? And why can't I shake them?  There's still 23 days until Ironman Louisville!  It's not time yet, not the time to be at this point.  It's to early, to soon, to fast.

I have upon me a tapering period.  During this time, I will meticulously reduce the length of my training, in time and in distance, but not the intensity (see Coach Barry, I am listening).  I will continue to swim laps, ride miles and run for hours, but I will allow my body, physically and mentally to recuperate, recover and rest.  Oh, that much needed rest is very welcome at this point.  All I seem to want to do is eat and sleep.

I will use this period to strengthen my resolve.  My mental wellness and preparation for this event needs to be solid.  I will make sure that I have a plan of execution for race day, but will be prepared to adapt and adjust as needed, for all plans are useless unless you can adapt them to present conditions.

I will come to Louisville trusting that I have done my best and all that I could in preparation for the big day.  I will enter the water in peace.  I will know that the hard part is behind me and that for the next 17 hours, hopefully less, it is time to have fun.  It will hurt, I know that.  It will be long, I know that.  It will be hot and humid, I know that.  I will have doubts, I know that too.  But I will not be alone.  There will be 2000 others doing what I'm doing.  Some will be faster, some will be stronger but I'll be damned if anyone will be working harder than me.

I know that next to finishing the event, the sweetest part of the whole process is the taper.  So, I will keep that in mind and enjoy the rest of the ride.
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