Sunday, June 12, 2011

About 77 Days

That's how many days are left to train, to build, to get ready for IM Louisville 2011.

The past couple of weeks have been interesting to say the least.  Two Century Rides, long(er) swims, longer runs.  And I took a peek at what's coming up in the horizon and its just going to get better: a couple of recovery weeks and "big volume weeks."  Nice!  I have a vacation scheduled in July but not from training.  We will be visiting Panama City Beach so my plan is to do some bike and run, hope to do this on the IM Florida course.  Not sure where I'll get the swim done, however.

On May 28th I did my first Century Ride.  This was the longest distance I have ever ridden before.  Did not know what to expect, was not disappointed.  The first 50 miles of the ride were relatively flat, rolling hills that were easy to ride and I managed an average of 18.1 mph.  Pretty good for me.  The second 50 miles were a bit slower. A combination of heat, leg exhaustion, hills, etc. took a toll and I ended up with an average speed of 16.4 for the ride.  I was still happy.  Total elevation climb 1631.

Here's what the course elevation looked like:

Yesterday I did my second Century Ride.  It was hot, it was humid, t was hilly.  Total elevation climb was 6495... At times it wasn't pretty.  Miles 47 through 60 were pure hell.  They were for me.  But I persevered and made it through.  Average speed for the ride was 15.9!  This was a surprise to me.  I thought it would be slower.

Here's what the course elevation looked like:
And I am told that this is much better than in years past.  Can't imagine!

I learned a few things yesterday:  1)  This "hot toes" issue of mine has to be resolved.  Soon.  Not fun at all.  2)  The bike's not shifting smoothly.  This also has to be resolved.  Soon.  3)  Need to intake more calories during long rides like this in preparation for Ironman.  Gels and I are not getting along.  Need to look for options.

All in all the past couple of weeks have been very satisfying.  I can see progress each and every time I go our on a swim, a ride or a run.  Progress in one way or another.

With just 77 days left (as of this writing) the excitement of it all is building and building fast.  IM Louisville in now more than just a dream... it's a work in progress and it will be here... Tomorrow!