Sunday, May 22, 2011

About Upping The Antee

Everyday life, as I know it, at least for the next 98 days, will take a quick change.  Up until now, I have been building a base from which to launch a training program designed by my coach, Barry Baird of Endurance Geeks, to get me through the finish line at Ironman Louisville.

This week's training will include a couple of new milestones.  First off is a 4000 yard scheduled swim workout (and I'm thinking this will be the first such distance of many more to come), on Saturday my first century ride, the CRAM in Clarksville, TN  followed by a transition run, and on Thursday... my first "three" session day!  Scheduled time for this week is 16:15:00.!

So on Monday, Thursday and Saturday is saddle up time, on Tuesday and Thursday the pool will get my undivided attention, on Wednesday and Sunday it'll be time to run, and Strength/Core will get a workout on Tuesday and Thursday.

And who said this was not going to be fun?