Friday, May 20, 2011

About "100 Days"

The title of this post is somewhat misleading.  It's not "about" 100 days.  It's exactly 100 days.

I have a facebook app called IronApp which throws friendly reminders my way of how much time I have left until Ironman Louisville.  As I opened my newsfeed yesterday, the first thing I saw was this:

101 days from yesterday, or 100 days from today I will be racing Ironman Louisville.  Holy Moses!  That's like, well... like tomorrow!

It seems that it was just yesterday when I went to Louisville to watch (and make a decision) last year's Ironman race.  It seems like yesterday that I registered for IML 2011 and I distinctly remember that it was yesterday that my blog's counter (atop of this page) showed "364 days".

And already 264 days have come and gone.  What does that say about the next 100 days?  Simple:  That August 28, 2011 will be here... Tomorrow!

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