Friday, February 4, 2011

TriCrowd Featured Blogger

A few days back, I received an intriguing tweet. "Hi Mauricio, we're big fans of your blog. Wondering if you would be interested in being a featured blogger on our site."

According to their website,, they are a "triathlon community website put together by everyday triathletes.  It's a site for everyone who enjoys leading an active lifestyle and being connected to the triathlon community."  Well, that would be me; "an everyday triathlete, enjoys an active lifestyle, loves being connected to the tri community.

On March 11, 2008, almost three years ago, I wrote my first post, "Bitten by 'The Bug'"  I have used this medium mostly to document the trials and errors, pains and successes of a journey that started almost a year prior to that.  This blog has become a source of motivation for me, and as I have pleasantly found out, a source of motivation for a few others.  I've been willing to share with whomever wishes to listen.

And now to have my blog featured on another site..well, its an honor I have gladly accepted.  Thank you TriCrowd.

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