Tuesday, February 8, 2011

In Serious Need of Focus Adjustment

For the past five months very little has mattered.  The focus has been solely on IM Louisville 2011.  With good reason.  It's gonna be one hell of a ride!  It already is.

Training has started in full force.  A bit early you may ask.  Well, that's where the focus has to be adjusted.  On April 17, 2011 I will be competing in IM 70.3 New Orleans.  A 70.3 is no small feat!  Granted, half the distance of an Ironman, but no small feat nonetheless.

I have completed two IM 70.3 events, Augusta 2009 and Steelhead 2010.  Both of these events brought a whole new level of focus out of me.  Every training moment was dedicated to the successful completion of these races.

But recently I have been taking New Orleans for granted, and that cannot be good!  Together with my coach we agreed that N.O. would be a great training race.  Maybe that was the problem.  A "training race"?  How can you think of a 70.3 distance triathlon as a training race?

So starting today, my focus is going to be on New Orleans.  I will train, compete and finish New Orleans as I have in the past.  I will go in with a goal in mind.  Because of the above mentioned reasons I have not thought about it, so a goal I do not have.  But I will.


  1. How exciting! I have been interested in that one too. Not in the cards this year, but looking forward to reading your race report...IM changes perspective dramatically doesn't it? When a half is a training race, you know you're in trouble!

  2. IronMin... "When a half is a training race, you know you're in trouble!"...scary thing isn't it? that's exactly what I thought! Happy Training!