Monday, February 14, 2011

167 Miles Closer To My Goal

Over the past two of weeks, I have logged 167 swim, spin-trainer, run miles.  80 two weeks ago, 87 last week.  I guess that makes training for Ironman 70.3 New Orleans, en-route to Ironman Louisville, officially on!

(2.5m swimming, 61m spin/trainer, 16.5m running)

(2.5m swimming, 66m spin/trainer, 18.5 running)

The Swim:  I feel the swim now more than I've ever had before.  I feel stronger and smoother as I go down the lap pool; lap after lap.  It takes a few laps to get warmed up.  I still want to start off fast so I have to concentrate on keeping it slow.  Slow IS Fast!  I have also concentrated on form.  I'm focusing on keeping my stroke long, reaching and holding for a second, then a smooth and strong pull with a stronger follow through.  Also, I have worked on keeping my head down for when I lift it even a bit, I feel the drag and my butt falls.

The Bike:  Up until yesterday, the weather had not been conducive to outdoor riding.  I'm hoping that the weather has finally broken and I can get some serious outdoor saddle miles.  So, spinning and the trainer it has been for me.  Monday night spin class is pretty awesome, great teacher and good times!  The trainer, although not the ideal situation, it has done its job.  I set it up in front of the tv and off I go.  I have had a difficult time getting my heart rate up where my coach wants it.  He tells me not to worry, yet.  He says the true test will come when I ride outside.  I have worked hard at getting my cadence as close to 90 as possible.  For the most part it wanders between 82 and 90.  Much improvement from last year, when it vacillated around 70-75.  This is the first year I use a trainer, so I'm not sure how trainer mph will translate to road mph.  But, if I can do on the road, what I've been doing on the trainer, I will be one happy camper.

The Run:  This is where I see the most improvement.  I have to work hard at keeping my heart rate (down) where coach wants it.  It feels to easy.  He tells me to be patient and work the plan, so I do.  I feel stronger and smoother on the road.  Yesterday's 10m run produced no ankle pain, I was pleasantly surprised.  I run shorter distance with my Newton Sir Isaac's and longer distances with my Newton Distancia shoes.

Strength Conditioning:  I feel that I have neglected this area of training, a bit.  I guess after 90 non-stop days of P90X, conditioning only a couple of times per week seems negligible, but again, I am told that this is exactly what I need to do, so again, I do it!

This whole experience still seems surreal to me.  The fact that I'm training for Ironman Louisville still is something that is beyond anything I could have ever imagined.  Sometimes I just close my eyes and imagine myself crossing the finish line with all my family and friends cheering me on.... that my friends will be priceless!

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