Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I'm A Junkie Yes I Am A Junkie Is What I Am

Okay, it's not what you think!  Let me explain...

A few weeks back, during a routine visit to our office, I ran into a friend who has been following my adventures and misadventures. Every time I see him, he has a question to ask; "How's P90X going?", "How's your running?", "How's your back?", he shows genuine interest in what I'm up to so I usually take some time to go over my latest with him.

During this particular visit we talked about my future plans.  I told him that I had registered for Ironman Louisville.  After he told me I was nuts, he proceeded to ask about my training and what it would entail.  Again, he told me I was nuts.

At that time I was about half way through P90X.  He told me he had purchased the program, but like most people who do, it was sitting on the shelf waiting for someone to make use of it.

He asked what I did to stick with the program.  I told him that it was part my Ironman Louisville training plan.  When I told him that on top of doing the daily P90X workouts, I still had to do some swimming, cycling and running to keep my base, that's when he said:  "You're a Junkie"!

"No, I'm not" was my instant reply.

"Yes, you are" he said. "Think about it, what defines a junkie?" he continued.  "Someone who is hooked or can't get enough of something."  he added.  "A fitness junkie is what you are."

I smiled.

So, if what I do defines me as a "fitness junkie" then I guess I have no choice but to plead guilty as charged.

"I'm a Junkie Yes I Am A Junkie Is What I Am."
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