Sunday, November 14, 2010

P90X Week 4 and Nashville Half Marathon Review

First things first.  I have finished week four of P90X!  They call this a transition week but I think it's also known as a recovery week.  Since adjustments were made to include triathlon based workouts, I did not have any strength sets this week; did not lift a weight at all.

I must say that I am getting the hang of Plyometrics.  I can see how this particular set will help me as a triathlete.  The stretching is also fast becoming a favorite one.  Did Core Synergistics twice this week and my gut was sore, still sore.  Good stuff.

So as of today, I'm a third of the way home!

This coming week I shall start Block Two.

On Saturday, my long run came in the form of The Nashville  Half Marathon, which brings me to the second topic of this post.

I understand that this race, as many others is a fundraiser event.  That being said it is important to understand that the safety of runners has to come first.  Second, it is important to understand that if an event is to grow, it must provide runners with reasons to come back and bring others.  I think this event fell short of that.

I thought the course was a hard course, very hilly.  Of course I understand that this is a matter that could be of great debate.  Other than the area in and around Metro Center, the course was full of rolling hills, some were tough, specially the one that waited for you coming out of Metro Center.  This hill took from me everything I had left.

The water situation was deplorable.  Not enough water stations.  Period.  First station was around mile 2.5 then again not till 5.5 or 6... way to far between them.  I have made a decision that from now on, I will carry my fuel belt with me to all events, regardless of distance.

Porta Potties was another issue.  Just a few set up at the start/finish, didn't count them but there couldn't have been more than ten.  Huge lines pre race, didn't count the people in line, but there must have been 200 or more.  Only one, that I saw on the course, somewhere around mile 6 or 7.

Not sure what the idea was behind the finisher's lanyards in lieu of medals but overheard many say how disappointed they were, specially those that were doing their first half marathon.  I guess it was a money saving issue.

I hope that organizers read and listen to reviews posted throughout the Internet.  Take things into consideration and ensure future participants that these issues have been addressed.  I for one will have to think twice about doing this one again.

So how did I do?  My Garmin showed 2:04:45 and 13.25 miles.  I am happy with the results.  Secretly, I had a goal of under two hours, but I'll take what I got!


  1. To strengthen my core and tighten my muscles. I am doing Ironman Louisville 2011!

  2. i can tell you exactly where the course one was: 4.69mi. that RUINED my time goals.. i had to pee until that point because of the horrible port-a-potty situation at the start line. i have only done two i run for the party races, and while i want to support the group, both have been bad experiences (times got messed up for the fourth of july 10k.) i'm glad i'm not the only person who was less than impressed.

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  4. that was a great run. I am being inspired by your post. Keep it up!

  5. thanks everyone for your comments and feedback! See you out on a run!

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