Friday, October 8, 2010

Tag! You're It!

I do not want my blog to turn into a commercial enterprise.  I do not, as a rule, give out reviews much less endorsements.  I have to thoroughly believe and be convinced of a product and it worthiness or service and their usefulness before I stick my neck out and talk about it here.

This is why I have only done it a couple of time before.  And why I am about to talk about Tag! You're It!

For most that know me you understand how I use daily inspiration and motivation to get things done.  My mantra for most of this season has been: "Faith. Focus. Finish."  I have found ways to stamp that across my daily routine to help keep the motor going.

Purely by accident (or maybe it was meant to be), I ran across a product produced and offered by a stay-at-home mom:  "Tag! You're It!"  You have seen similar articles at expo's throughout.  You have seen people wear them.  Perhaps you wear one as well.

So what made this one different.  I was able to get my mantra stamped on a dog tag.

According to the website, "each sterling silver disc or dog tag is handstamped, one character at a time, with the lettering of your choice, oxidized t turn the letters black, and then buffed and polished."

When the item arrived I was truly amazed at the simplicity of the design.  "This is something I can see myself wearing through my Ironman training and beyond."  I have been wearing it on my training runs since.
Because of the quality of the material used, sterling silver, it has tarnished a bit but this is to be expected.  Easily cleaned, however.

I could go on all day talking about this product but I'll let you explore it for yourself.  Please visit their website and look around.  While you're there, register for a GiveAway.  Click on the link located on the navigation bar.  The GiveAway will run for two weeks.  Under Key Word, type: "Triathlonat55".
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