Monday, October 25, 2010

P90X ~ Week 1

I have now completed the first week, or 7 days of P90X training.  I guess the "hard" part is behind me, or so I'd like to think.
I am not a morning person, and anyone who knows me, knows that.  I have a difficult time getting up early for Master Swim, for long runs and for long bike rides.  I have always opted for late afternoon workouts,  but somehow I thought it would be easy to get up early for this.  I have been surprised, as has been my wife, that it has.
I have made it a point to jump out of bed as my wife's alarm clock goes off.  Sometimes it goes off at 4:20am, sometimes at 5am.
The first day I gathered all the necessary equipment; weights,push up bar, pull up bar, chair, towel, water, log and pen and off I went.  Followed the routine on the DVD to the letter.  It was time to work on Chest and Back.  I found out real quickly that pull ups were going to be an issue.  I had not done a pull up in probably 40 years.  I opted to use the chair as instructed.  This made it easier.  Not easy, just easier.
Push ups were not so bad.  I have been doing some for a while now.  Except for the second rotation.  Then they became a task.
At the end of the routine I started Ab Ripper X.  Now, this is what separates the "men" from the "boys" and I'm here to tell you, I'm still a "boy".  This will take work.
Day two I woke up sore.  In places I could not have imagined I would ever be sore.  But it was time for Plyometrics.  Designed to produce speed and power.  Okay, I need this, and I need this bad.
Day three:  Shoulders and Arms.  This required the use of weights for all but one routine.  I just knew I would be sore the next day, and I was not disappointed.  Finished the session with another Ab Ripper X.  Not much improvement here, yet.
Day four:  Yoga.  Oh, my!  Found out today how uncoordinated and unbalanced I really am.
Day five: Legs & Back.  I guess my legs are my strongest assets and today was not to bad.  Second day of back workout.  It felt good. Ab Ripper X concluded the session.  Maybe my imagination, but I see improvement.
Day Six (Sunday): Rest.  Since I started on Tuesday, this brought day six to a Sunday.  Sunday, for the most part in a day of rest.  Gotta give the body a chance to catch up.  Tomorrow I will start week 2.
For the most part I have been in pain all week.  Not the kind of pain that you would feel when you get hurt.  The kind of pain you feel when you push yourself.  I guess this is the "good" pain you always hear about.
I am excited to see what the future of P90X brings my way.
Until next time... Bring It!
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  1. great job! I love early am workouts, maybe you will find that they start working for ya :)
    To this day I still LOVE the arms/shoulders dvd and ab ripper!
    Rock it in week 2

  2. Great job in your first week. I am in my 3rd round of P90X and I am still seeing improvements to my fitness. This program is awesome. Have you been introduced to becoming a Beachbody coach? I didn't see anywhere that you were one. Go to for more information.

  3. Awesome job! You won't regret sticking with p90x. Check me out and leave a comment at :)

  4. Great job Mauricio. You have got me intrested in the P90X. Looking forward to see more of your progress.