Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Motivation Comes From the Most Unlikely Sources

A couple of weeks ago, I was discussing my IM Louisville training plans with a triathlete friend.  I mentioned to him that for the remainder of this physical year, my intention was to, in addition to maintaining my swim, bike and run base, I would work very hard on strength and core conditioning.
We both agreed that this was a great plan to have.  He disagreed with me (although he did not come out and say so), however, with my plan.
I have been researching strength and conditioning programs suited for the triathlete.  With the help of my tri coach, Endurance Geeks' Barry Baird, we came to the conclusion that if I had the motivation and dedication required, that P90X would be the route to go.
So I have made the commitment to the program.  Additionally, I have made the commitment to the nutrition plan required to make the best of the program.  I have been reading everything I can get my hands and eyes on and I have learned a lot.
As I mentioned this to my friend, his remark was one that was very surprising to me.  He said:  "I have yet to meet anyone that has stuck to the program and finished it."
I am pretty sure that my friend did not understand at that point that by making that one simple, innocent statement, he was giving the the final motivation to get this done.  Yes, motivation comes from the most unlikely sources.
So, this morning I started the program.  First on the agenda was the "Chest & Back" followed by the "Ab Ripper X".  It was hard and tough and I can only guess that it is going to get harder and tougher.  The "Ab Ripper X" was brutal.  But, motivated to continue to the end I stand.  By the end of this, my friend will no longer be able to say that he has not met "anyone" that has finished P90X.


  1. P90 is a great off season workout. I did it last off season and had some great improvements. Good luck.

  2. P90x is a great workout plan and I do know several people who have completed it with great results (even without following the nutrition plan).
    I myself have done it and still to this day will pop in a random DVD when I resort to working out at home!
    When you are done be sure to thank you friend for giving you that final push!
    Looking forward to seeing YOUR results.
    BRING IT!! *lol*

  3. P90X I have done some sessions...but very repetitive!!

    Cheers from Hong Kong!

    "XTB" Xavi.

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