Friday, September 17, 2010

140.6 Miles: A Dream. A Vision. A Mission

It just seemed like the right thing to do.

I contemplated for a few months the possibility of jumping in head first into an Ironman race. Well, I say head first because at first sight, it may seem like it's jumping in head first. I spoke with all those that would be affected by my decision to do this, mostly my family, a few friends and my coach, all of which I will need on my side supporting me every step of the way.  And together we have come to the conclusion that however crazy it may appear on the surface, it' time to do this.  The time is right.  The time is now.

My family has been very supportive all along the way.  Every crazy adventure I wish to take on, they're there. This will be no different.  My friends have been very supportive of the idea.  This is after all, what we do.  My coach has been very clear and explicit about the commitment that will be required to do this.  He has told me that it will not be easy, but it will be fun.

On Sunday, August 29 along with our friends, Skip and Charlene Alcorn, my wife and I traveled to Louisville to witness what it would be like.  Skip, at that moment, was also contemplating registering for the 2011 version of the IM.  Charlene is an Ironman.  She finished the 2009 Louisville IM.  It was our intention to get a feel for what the atmosphere would be like. We went searching for validation to our decision to do this race on 2011.  We found it.

From the very beginning we found ourselves getting more and more excited about the prospect.  As the day moved on, we traveled around the course to see different stages of the race; the swim, the bike, the run and then the finish line.  We couldn't believe that in just a short year, we would be experiencing what this amazing athletes were experiencing that day.  The temperatures held true to Louisville in late August.  It got hot and humid and windy.  But this did not deterred us.  We would train for these conditions.

I returned home more determined and motivated than ever. On registration day, I was there ready to pull the trigger.  And that I did.  I am now a registered participant in the 2011 Ford Ironman Louisville.

As my coach said, this will be a tough, difficult and sometimes, lonely road.  But I'm holding him to his word that this will be fun.  I have given him my pledge that I will follow his plan to the letter.

I do not know what the year has in store for me, but I welcome the challenge with open arms.  All I know is that my dream of becoming an Ironman has evolved into a vision, and this vision is now my mission.  So, Louisville, here I come!