Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Home Stretch

According to DailyMile, my online training log, I have logged 583 miles over the past four months. That's a lot of road!  And in a little less than 48 hours, it will all come together at the Country Music Marathon.

Preparation for this year's marathon began much earlier than that.  Actually, it began as I finished last year's.  Well, a couple of weeks after the end of last year's.  As number 16137 crossed the finish line, I remember telling myself "never again, ever".  But here I am today, 12 short months later anticipating the start of a new CMM.

Best piece of advice anyone can give you at this moment is to savor the moment; there's nothing you can do to make a difference in the race now, there's plenty you can do to ruin the race.  I have followed, for the most part, my training plan, deviating only on a couple of instances but nothing that would interfere with progress.

I have pushed, pulled and dragged myself through each mile and I have thoroughly enjoyed each and every step.  I have mostly trained by myself but on a couple of instances I have met up with our running group.  This was special, they're a fantastic, supportive bunch.  Additionally, I have created a sizable on-line support group.  Through Facebook, DailyMile and Twitter, I have found advise and encouragement from sometimes the most unlikely sources.  To all my family and friends... I am indebted to you!

My race number this year will be "17067".  I have a finish goal time in mind but life as I know it will not end if that is not accomplished. I will be very happy if I finish ahead of last year.

My race gear has been ready for three days.  All spread out on the couch.  Each time I get a chance I look at it and take inventory.  My biggest fear is that I will forget something.  A few weeks ago I designed my race day tee shirt.  I ordered it and received it two weeks ago.  I will be wearing this on race day:

According to the National Weather Service... "potential exists for severe storms in Middle Tennessee on Saturday... any storms that develop will have the capability to produce large hail and damaging winds.  There's also a potential for isolated tornadoes...'  GREAT!

This is one element that I can't control so I will not worry about it.  I will take the weather as it comes and run to the best of my ability given the conditions that are given to us.

So, for now it just hurry up and.... wait!  See ya'll at the finish line!
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  1. Good luck! I am crossing my fingers that the bad weather misses the CMM!