Friday, February 5, 2010

This Season's Official Training Has Begun

Not that I had a chance to take much of a break from training this winter, but officially the 2010 training season has begun!
I am trying to squeeze a couple of swims - three sessions a week would be ideal, a couple of spin classes - at least until I can consistently get the bike out on the road, and somewhere around 25-30 miles of running per week.  This millage will continue to go up as the date for the Country Music Marathon gets closer.
There are a few demons I have to face, fight and conquer.  Primarily is the one that fights with me to get up early in the morning on Mondays and Wednesdays to go swimming.  This week was a good battle, but I can proudly say that I won, for on both days I made it to the pool!  Step One has been taken.  Next week, Step Two.  It has been said that it takes two weeks to create a habit.  I am hoping that to be true, for if it is, and I make it out of bed on Monday and Wednesday this coming week, then my chances of success (in this area) have been tremendously improved.  But man, getting up at 4:15 sure is a struggle.
Second and not such a battle is the one that challenges me to do two workouts on Monday and Wednesday.  After the pool in the morning, I have a spin class scheduled for Monday afternoon and strength conditioning on Wednesday afternoon.  These are not to bad.  I think these can be managed.
The third battle is taking the day off when I'm supposed to take the day off.  Putting a little smarts behind this one, could easily be conquered.  I think!
My schedule for the next week is as follows:  (and I post it here for accountability purposes)

Today:  Afternoon Swim (1200-1500m)
Saturday:  14 mile run
Sunday: - OFF
Monday:  AM - TriSwim, PM - Spin
Tuesday: 7 mile run
Wednesday: AM - TriSwim, PM - Strength
Thursday: AM - Spin (optional), PM - 7 mile run

 Additionally, I have started a program called "One Hundred Push Ups".  I am on the second week of a six week program which, if completed according to plan, will get me to 100 push ups.
'til next time...