Sunday, December 6, 2009

I Have A New Hero!

I have been blogging my experiences for the past couple of years. Documenting my progress most of the way. Besides the obvious reasons for doing what I do, I have set a goal to attempt to inspire those around me through example, to get fit and to adapt a healthy life style.

I will not attempt to take any credit for what others have done on their own for I know how hard and difficult each step of the way is, therefore the credit belongs solely to each and everyone of them.

Last week, on Thanksgiving Day, my entire immediate family - wife and daughters along with my future son-in-law and grandson, took part in our local Thanksgiving Day run. We have always been a close family but this marked the first time that we participated in an event such as this one, together. I was proud!

Yesterday, my wife Monica took it to the next level. She ran the St Jude Memphis Half Marathon and finished in 2hrs, 51min, 22secs.

What makes this event extra special is the fact that she has been suffering from issues on her feet for the past few months. She developed plantar fascitis and the pain has almost sidelined her more than a couple of times. Add to that the fact that she suffers from hallux valgus (aka bunions) to a point where surgery has been seriously contemplated.

Many would have thrown in the towel at this point and none would have blamed them. After all, who in their right mind would put themselves through this kind of agony?

She seeked the advise of doctors and therapists and followed their recommendations to a tee; she has been very diligent in ensuring that she does what she has been asked and to do it proper and timely. She set her goals and stuck to them adapting as needed.

With the tremendous support of our friends and family she made it to the race and to the finish line. As she tells us, it was not easy but it was one of the greatest things she has ever done.

She has inspired me to continue doing what I've set out to do. To look at my aches and pains as opportunities and not obstacles. She is the epitome of dedication and perseverance.

The trip to Memphis was made extra special because of the friends we went with. Charlene, Skip, Sheila, Marilyn and Michele. Your support throughout the two days was tremendous and special. I thank you for being there, we're blessed to have you in our lives.


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  2. She rocks! That is great. I love that it was a family affair!