Tuesday, August 18, 2009

65 miles on his 65th Birthday

Just a couple of weeks ago several of Forrest's friends threw him a surprise retirement party! It was time to dedicate his time to his wife, family, friends and his love. His love of running. Little did we know at that time what he had in mind.

You see, for Forrest running has become more than a casual pass time. As many of us do, he too took up running for health purposes. He wanted to shed a few pounds and that he did. 100 lbs later he continues to be an inspiration to anyone who is privileged enough to know him

Earlier this year he finished his first full marathon in Nashville, crossing the finish line alongside a host of his admirers who where there to support this milestone.

Today is his 65th birthday. Many of us would think of grand things to do on this day. We would plan party, a small gathering with friends and loved ones. A weekend trip with our spouse or a home cooked meal with our kids and their families. That's what most of us would do. But Forrest has a different plan.

Today he's walking 65 miles! He tells us that his plan was to walk but when I met up with him he was actually running! And he already had over 35 miles behind him! I asked him if he needed anything, he just wanted the rain to stay away!

Forrest... You have become an inspiration to the entire community! Thank You!

Today is his 65th birthday, he's walking 65 miles!!! What plans do you have for your next birthday?

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