Sunday, June 14, 2009

Brick, Cops, Skunk, Fingers

First, lets dispense with the formalities.

Saturday's bike ride:
Distance: 26.1 miles
Time: 99:03 minutes - average speed 15.9, max speed 29.8.
Cadence average 74.
Calories burnt: 1746.

Bike Elevation

Brick run:
Distance: 5.07 miles
Time: 50:49 minutes - average pace 10:01.
Calories burnt: 671

Run Elevation

Average temperature 78.8.
Relative humidity 67.6
Body weight gain/loss -2.5#

I understand that this information may not of that much use to anyone but me, well... okay of "no" use to anyone else but me. But dang... isn't technology great!

It was one of the most eventful rides I've had in the two years I've been actively riding the bike. Stuff that happened today could only happen to someone like me. Stuff like this, really and truly is one of the reason why I continue to ride.

I was moving at a pretty comfortable pace down Indian Lake Blvd, paying close attention to the traffic flow for at this time of the morning it was getting pretty heavy. What do I see next? A cop holding a radar gun was waving my way. I thought he was asking me to stop. "Who me?" I asked, "was I going to fast officer?"

I truly thought that he and his partner where going to loose it right then and there. They started laughing so hard that it mad me laugh to a point where I had to stop and re-focus. "Funny, really funny" was all the officer could say.

When you set out on your bike, you better have your reflexes sharp, really sharp. Should you even come across a dead skunk on the shoulder of the road, in front of your path you may just have a micro-second to decide what to do. Should I ride over it, or should I try to avoid it and maybe crash? I can tell you now that next time I will opt for the option of maybe a crash. Not very pleasant riding the remaining distance with that awful smell coming from the tires of your bike.

Stop Thirty Road, in certain places, is somewhat narrow and if traffic is coming against you, cars trying to pass you will have to wait to get around. Such was the case when a fellow who apparently had suffered a terrible accident and lost all the fingers in his right hand... except his middle finger, was waving at me as he went around. How very thoughtful of him, I remember thinking. These folks sure are friendly on Saturday morning. I hoped he wasn't looking at me through his rear view mirror and if he was, I hoped he couldn't read lips.

Note to self: I cannot keep on forgetting to put Body Glide on my nipples. I really can't continue to do this. Good Gosh, that hurts!


  1. Oh wow, this is -hands down- the best blog I've read all morning! LOL, not a dull moment on that ride! :)

  2. Great post. I would love to get a ticket for speeding on my bike. That would be worth the fine and would certainly end up in a frame!

    All the best,


  3. Funny! Drove near a skunk in the Jeep headed up to a trail. Even getting close to a fresh road kill can water the eyes and wish for an extremely strong car freshener!
    The worst I've experienced this year on the bike was last week. A Western Diamond Back rattlesnake and a Bull snake within feet of each other and at the very edge of the trail! Worrisome, but just keep going!

    Loved the insights regarding life on the road!


  4. LOL... OMGosh I would have road up to the cops and stopped. That was so funny. Thanks for the laugh I need it.