Monday, April 13, 2009

Country Music Marathon #16137 - Corral 16

For the good part of the last sixteen weeks I have been training long and hard for my first full marathon, which by the way, is just 12 days away.

The road has not been without pain. Physical at times, emotional as well. The physical pain I have documented in previous posts. I just hope that I have followed instructions well and that my body is ready. The emotional challenges tested my dedication to this journey more often than I care to admit.

For the most part I stayed true to goals. I trained as I knew how and as I had planned... for the most part. Adjustments were made to allow the knee(s) time to recover. At times I tried to keep up with the Jones' and this threw me for a loop. I do not do well trying to follow others' steps. So back to my plan I went.

As I sit here and write this, I feel that I have done everything I have set out to do. I have run my miles, I have rested when needed and pushed when I had to. The taper is something that I have learned to enjoy, although I must confess that I feel guilty at times not pounding the pavement for that extra mile.

My plan told me that I had to run 12 miles last Saturday. 13 I ran. Wanted to push to 15 but I knew that would be wrong. Today I ran a quick 5.5 miles. Seemed like just a warm up, when I was getting in the rhythm, it was time to stop!

Earlier I pulled my Final Confirmation Sheet for the Country Music Marathon. My bib number is 16137, which means I will be in corral #16. Same as last year, however last year I ran just the half. This place in the pack I liked. I'm hoping for the same outcome this year.

I have begun to ponder the many lessons I've learned during these past three months. I will have to wait to digest it all once I cross the finish line.

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  1. You sound really prepared for this, both physically and mentally. You're going to do awesome!