Saturday, March 21, 2009

This Week Unlike Any Other Week

I haven't reviewed a week in a while. Mostly because most have been pretty typical. I work, I spend time with family, I train.

This week has been a little out of the ordinary in that this week was the first week since my new-found passion for endurance sports I've had to deal with an injury. An injury that is most common to runners but that can be debilitating if not addressed promptly and effectively.

ITBS (IT Band Syndrome) was diagnosed by the doctor on Tuesday. On Thursday, the physical therapist set me straight, or at least put me on the right track.

I have a better idea now on how and why this happened. Some of the tools to begin recovery and prevent future flare-ups have been put in my tool box, now it's up to me to begin using them. Many more tools will follow, or so I'm told. Can't wait.

On Monday, my lovely wife brought home a present. The book "Chi Running" (pronounced chee), by Danny Dreyer. What a timely gift. I have devoured this book; so much relevant information and it all goes with what I've just gone through.

I went to the pool on Sunday, day after injury. It was probably the greatest swim I've ever had. Got one mile in and felt great. Rested on Monday and Tuesday. On Wednesday I went to the track and did 7 sets of Yasso 800's. I forgot to take my mp3 player with me but as it turns out this was a blessing for I managed a much better form and a more consistent pace without the distractions of different tempo music.

I decided on Thursday that I would do a mid-week long run. Wanted to do 8 miles. Got 7 in. By design I left my music player at home and ventured off alone with just the thoughts on my head. Again, I think this was a positive move for I was able to focus on form and pace better than I ever had before.

Every once in a while I would feel a pinch on my knee. I knew at that point that my form was wrong, so I was able to concentrate on fixing it. By doing so, the pinch disappeared and allowed me to move on.

Today my long run goal was 22 miles. I would be happy with 20. Okay I would be happy with 15. I had to settle for 12. I was quickly reminded that I'm not in charge at this time and that listening to what my body (knee) is telling me is more important than anything else at this moment.

The prudent and smart thing would be to stop and not aggravate the pain and take a step back in the slight progress made this week. The prudent and smart thing I did. The payoff was huge. First, I got a chance to join some running friends for breakfast and second, my knee doesn't feel like it's going to fall off any second now.


  1. Is ITBS pain on the outside of the knee? I'm been having some issues with my knees now that I'm running longer distances and I wonder if I should have it checked out.

  2. Yes it is. You should have it checked out just to make sure. If this is what it is, it is easily treatable and will prevent you from big frustrations on the long(er) runs.