Saturday, March 21, 2009

Father and Son

A son asks: "Dad, would you like to run a marathon with me"?

Despite is heart condition, dad replies: "Yes"

So they participated in many a marathon together.

Dad always answered "yes" when his son asked if he would like to do another marathon.

One day son asked: "dad, would you like to do a Ironman together"?

Once again, dad replied: "yes"

So father and son went on to do the Ironman...

Sometimes a story comes along that leaves you speechless... I hope this is one of those times.


  1. i've heard the story, i've seen the footage, but i'll never stop responding to this incredible love story with my soul. i'm absolutely bawling right now. so blessed. am showing this to my son tonight. i'm smiling through the tears. we have so much to be thankful for. ty for reminding me again.

  2. Ok. This was beautiful. Just read your tweets that runnrgrrl was in tears. Ditto here.

  3. Wow...That gave me goodbumps!!! Tears of joy too! Can't get any better than that!

  4. This Dad is one amazing person! He is totally selfless and so incredibly giving. Most people would not do this for their own child. Makes me wonder what I have done that is worthy for my children. How many times I said no because I was too tired or lazy. This makes me want to be a better person. So giving!