Sunday, March 29, 2009

26 Days Left Till CMM and Back On Track...I Hope

I have been blessed these past couple of weeks with the tremendous support from all my friends. Great interest has been shown in my recovery progress. I have kept everyone updated through various posts on Facebook, Twitter and Dailymile and much love has come to me in way of their replies.

Much of the credit I have to give to the very basic but very specific and right on the money assessment from my physical therapist. However, this progress would not have been possible if the instructions given were not followed accordingly.

During the initial meeting she was very quick to inform me that my trouble (ITBS) was due to two different issues. First, she told me, that my core was weak and in much need of serious strengthening. Second, she told me my shoes were not right for my foot. I still have slightly flat foot and a slight under-pronation on my left foot. This would make sense because its my left knee that's been in pain. The advise and fit of a professional athletic foot expert I must seek.

As far as my core, she gave me two simple exercises I needed to do at home.

"Side-Lying Clam Shell"

(to this I add a resistance band above the knee)


And one of my new favorites is this one which came to me from a Facebook friend (Christina), but don't worry, I ran it by my pt and she gave it a two thumbs up!

On Saturday's run around mile 10, I felt the urge to stretch. I thought it couldn't hurt. So I found a spot of grass next to the road and off I went. The above stretch I did, twice each side, held for 60 seconds each. A car drove by and slowed down, I could tell they were looking at me surely wondering if I was okay. Thumbs up I gave them, off they went.

In addition to the above, I am to massage my itb with a foam roller. This I should do at least once a day. And for those of you that have not ever done this, it hurts... it hurts like h**l. But I found that a gentle massage on my thigh with a roller, like a kitchen roller helps to break any knots that you may have making the foam roller more tolerable. After the muscle is loose then the foam roller can do its magic.

There are just 26 days left until the Country Music Marathon. I am hopeful that after a couple of weeks with an altered schedule I can now return to my program. I will continue to visit my pt and will continue to follow instructions.

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  1. I suffered w/ IT problems after my marathon. Stretching, icing and my new love, the foam roller, fixed me right up!!