Monday, February 9, 2009

Halfway Home

Well, almost half way home. This is the beginning of the eight week out of eighteen weeks of training for the CMM - Country Music Marathon. So technically, the halfway point is the end of next week.

So far, I have logged 146 running miles, 62 bike miles and a mess load of swimming laps. The body has held on pretty darn good, aches and pains specially in the ankles and knees, but heck... what the heck! Didn't really expect anything less.

The weather, except for a couple of pretty perfect weekends, including this past one, has been pretty cold. Colder than I'd ever thought I would enjoy running in. Haven't really enjoyed running in 7° windy mornings, so I'm opting for a later in the morning run, whenever possible. Specially in the long run Saturdays.

I have joined, at times, our local running club for some runs. These guys and gals are awesome! They have it all together. They know what they want, what they're going after, and they're going after it. Their pace, however is a little faster than I'd like mine to be, so we all take off together and just out of the block, I find myself, by myself. But this is just fine, I've trained for four years alone, and alone I've like it well enough. I don't want to hold anyone back, really don't.

I have also entered a stage in my training where I've never been before. I am running miles way beyond anything I've ever done. The long runs, at times are a little intimidating to me. Just the thought of going out for a 15 or 16 mile run or beyond, is not something I ever thought possible. In just four weeks, I will hit that magic 20 mile marker. Can't wait!

Also, in the last seven weeks I have finalized my competition schedule for this year. Well, competition of sorts. The only one I will be competing against is myself. I will be running two full marathons and three triathlons. My goal for this year is to do my first 26.2 and an Olympic distance triathlon. They are both on the schedule. They are both on my sights!


  1. That is awesome. I remember the feeling the first time I broke the 20 mile mark. I felt I could go one forever. Keep up the great work. I admire the schedule you laid out for yourself this year.


  2. I do most of my triathlon training on my own too. It works out ok. I love being outside and also love the time to think for mile after mile.
    Good luck training with the rest of your program! I hope it's a great day for racing.