Sunday, January 11, 2009

491 Miles to CMM

Yesterday afternoon I did some minor adjustments to my personal training plan for the Country Music Marathon (CMM). The date for this event is April 25th. Slight adjustments to the long run miles. Now it's all set, not in stone but set nonetheless.

Earlier today I was curious. Just how many miles will I log before the marathon? So added I did. The answer shocked me. 491 miles! It may not be shocking to some of the more serious marathoners for it is not unlikely that you log upwards of 2,000 per year. But remember that for an ex-couch potato like myself, this is huge!

Then I wanted to know how far 491 miles really is. So I went to google maps and found that the distance from Nashville to Atlanta and back is a little over 500 miles, and my legs began to hurt!

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