Saturday, November 15, 2008

A Balancing Act

The past couple of weeks have been a whirlwind. No opportunity to keep a schedule, lots of reasons to try. The date of my next event, the Memphis / St Jude Children's Research Hospital Half Marathon, on December 6th will be here in just 20 short days, the time to train has to be found, no matter what the conditions or circumstances.

I have limited the scope of entries to this blog to be running/swimming/biking/triathlon/training related. I will continue as such, exercising editorial rights to slightly veer off on occasions as non related events deem it necessary to do so. Well, in so much that these events affect the focus of the topic at hand.

Two weeks ago, the Belmont University Women's Soccer Team traveled to Kennessaw, GA to participate in the A-Sun Conference Tournament as the #3 seed. As most of my regular readers are well aware, my younger daughter Marcela, is a member of this team. Hopes were high for a good showing and their sights were set on the Championship. It was obvious that a trip to support the team was a must. So we did.

At the same time my responsibility to my employer and my customers could not be compromised, so a plan to accommodate everything had to be drawn. The scheduling Gods saw it in our favor because the games where played at times that allowed us to make the trip and be back to work without missing a beat. Three trips were needed to secure the trophy, three trips we made. No regrets.

Additionally, time had to be found to get in a workout or two. Time to do the week's long run and most of the in-between sessions as well.

Then by virtue of a Championship at the A-Sun Tournament, the team earned a spot in the NCAA tournament, the "big dance", if you will. This game was played last night in Auburn, AL, which meant another five hours and change, one way trip... and back to support the Bruins. And that we did as well.

In the middle of all this, I guess I was not running fast enough because the bug that everyone was shaking caught up with me and for a couple of days it would not let go, but it finally did and I was glad.

Today should have been my 10 mile long run day. Today I chose to rest and relax. Today I took the time to listen to my body tell me to slow down for a step and just take a deep breath. Tomorrow, however, is a brand new day. Tomorrow the road awaits me and the 10 miles will be done.

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