Sunday, June 29, 2008

Results - McMinnville Triathlon

Well, not quiet sure what I was expecting and I'm not quiet sure what to think. I do however, now know where to go from here and where I need to improve.
My official times for the McMinnville Triathlon are:

Swim; 9:52 (slower than expected)
t1+bike: 1:03:07 (about what was expected)
t2: 2:32 (much slower than would have liked)
run: 29:43 (about what was expected)
total time: 1:45:13 - not sure what I was expecting.

Where I need to improve: I need to learn to swim "around" slower swimmers. Need to find a better and more comfortable swim pace.
Also, transitions killed me. Really need to practice these.
Additionally, I need to work on getting my heart rate down a bit prior to the end of the bike to ensure a smoother transition into the run. If I can get the run pace at or around 8 min/mile, I could possibly cut five to six minutes off the run time.

Would really like to cut some ten to fifteen minutes off the bike as well. This will require becoming more proficient at managing the cadence.

All in all, I'm pleased. I came in 144 our of 173 men.

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