Friday, June 27, 2008

Just hours away!

With God's grace, tomorrow at this time I should be either finished or near the completion of my very first, ever triathlon! And as luck would have it, today I find myself in a state of "jitters". I guess the expectation of the unknown is what's most nerve racking. The swim... how will it go? will the countless hours in the pool pay off? Have I done enough? Could I have done more? The transitions? This is totally unknown territory to me. Although I have practiced a few times, it has obviously not been the same; in my driveway vs. the real world! The bike? will the 200 miles plus I've logged in the past three weeks pay off? How about the run? Although a short one by comparison, will my body, specifically my back, hold out? Do I have all the equipment needed to complete the race? I have been gathering all in a pile next to my bike for the past week or so. But have I forgotten anything? Jelly Beans or Gu Jell?, Water or Gatorade? I must trust what I have done in practice and not change for the race. There can be no surprises!

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