Thursday, June 5, 2008

And after vacation...

It has been almost a month since my last post. A lot has been going on in that time; lots of swimming, lots of miles on my bike - which by the way include my first wipe out! Fortunately for me, it happened just as I was taking off the other morning. Didn't get enough of a push and while I clipped the shoe to the pedal... pow! lost my balance, hit the pavement. My first and only thought at that time was; "oh my, hope the neighbors weren't watching, and laughing"... and a little bit of running. Took a week's vacation last week, literally a vacation in which I traveled with the family to the land of Mickey and Shamu. No training during that period. This week, I am making up; two a days since Monday. Early in the morning - weight training or bike riding, late afternoon swimming or running. We'll see the payoff this Saturday. Plan to do a long ride 30-40 miles followed by 3-5 miles running. Crazy? We'll see. The great thing is that this week I feel like a million bucks! A little soreness in the back, but heck, what's new?!

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