Sunday, April 6, 2008

Moving along nicely

Another fine week! Two great accomplishments during the past couple of days: yesterday's long run, 10m... was a nice surprise, not because I feared the distance or my conditioning, but because it felt good, no - it felt great! Weather conditions were less than desirable with gusts of cold air in my face most of the latter part of the run and temperatures in the 40's early in the morning, made it for a challengeable run. But at the end I was within my desired pace margin for the entire distance.
Second, on Friday I had another great swim session with my new coach. Great improvement from week one. Still need to work on breathing technique but I'm encouraged by his words for he believes that learning this should be no problem for me. I feel the same way. Just need to make sure I find myself in the water several times per week.
As of this writing there are just 19 days till the Half Marathon. This coming weekend however, I will be running a 10k in Nashville; a preparation race of sorts. I'm looking forward to see how my race pace and form is coming along.

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