Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Just hours to go!

With this year's Music City Half Marathon just around the corner, my mind has been racing just as fast and steady as my body has. The prelude to last years event, being the first one of such magnitude that I had participated in, brought few questions of little concern, mostly regarding my conditioning at the time. "Will I have enough gas to make it through"?, "Will I pace myself accordingly"?, not knowing what to expect, all I really thought about was if I would make it to the finish line... if I would make it standing up... if I would make it that same day! Because things went as I hoped they would I was more than pleased.

This year, having that race to refer to, my mind has been quiet busy. What ifs, mostly. What if it rains? What if my back doesn't hold out? What if my ankle betrays me? What if I didn't train properly? Most of these questions will be answered once the race begins... in the first couple of miles for the most part. This has been the norm for every training run I've had this year. I expect that if I have done the proper things to prepare myself, I will be fine. I must keep in mind that my goal is to finish the race in a respectable fashion. I would like for the time to be under 2 hours and 15 minutes... but that's just a wish. I must remember to push myself just to the point of a little anguish but not past it.

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