Sunday, April 13, 2008

9 minute mile

To say that this experience has been easy, would be a stretch. As each day passes, miles have to be logged; miles have to be logged because, well... miles have to be logged.

Yesterday's 10K (6.2 miles) at a 9 minute mile pace, in Nashville was sort of a test. Needed to see where I stand in-as-far as running in a competitive environment. I do not wish to compete against others, for me this will take the fun out of what I'm doing. I do, however, wish to compete against myself. I need to see improvement in both times and conditioning. Self imposed goals, if you will.

As I hit the pavement, I am quickly reminded that my back and my ankle are dictating much of what I have to do. I have learned that with proper technique and diligence, I can not only prevent future strain to both, but I can help improve their condition.

I have a quote posted on my schedule board, it says: "The pain may last a day or two, but regrets will last a lifetime." I have this embedded in my head, and each time I'm no the track, the road or the water, I have to pull it out as a reminder, and it helps me through, not the physical pain, because there really is not any, but the mental anguish has a tendency to try to take over here and there.

The biggest challenge I am facing at this moment is keeping pace with the race. The natural reaction when the race or the training session starts is to take of like a jack rabbit. The pace has to be methodical and planned. I think I am coming along nicely on this. I have two weeks to get this down right.

This coming week, there's more large miles in store for my training, culminating on the weekend with a 11 mile long run. After that it's mostly recovery and allowing the body to get ready for the half marathon (13.1 miles) to be run on the 26th.

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