Saturday, March 29, 2008

What a great week!

The culmination of a great week came today as I ran 8 miles in the frigid, windy weather. Okay... eight miles may not seem like a whole bunch of road in the whole scheme of things, but its right where I need to be in my plan for March 26th's Music City Half Triathlon. This coming week, will take me to a 10 mile long run on Friday.
All week long my runs were great, each and every workout went just as planned. Some better than other, but as a whole I was very pleased. I have had to put my Saturday yoga class on hold for the time being. There's just not enough hours available in the week to do it all. I can for sure feel the difference without the yoga so after the 26th I will definitely put it back on my schedule.
Also this week, I started private swim classes with a local instructor and I can tell you for a fact, that after just one session, the improvement is a thousand percent. Just the few things he showed me and asked me to practice on before our next meeting will make a difference. I can't hardly wait to get this going.

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