Sunday, March 16, 2008

2008 Schedule

The process of selecting which races to participate in this year was done with much thought. Being that this is my first competition year, I surely want to partake in events which will allow me the highest possibility of success in my journey. Success, as I define it, for this purpose is not to "win" any of the races I participate in. Success for me will be finishing each and everyone of these events. My goal will not vary from last year's half marathon. My goal continues to be "to finish, to finish standing up and to finish the same day the race starts"... somewhere in the middle of the pack, or better... would be a bonus!

This is the list of events for 2008:

April 12th - Purity Moosic City 10K - Nashville, TN
April 26th - Music City Half Marathon - Nashville, TN
June 28th - McMinnville City Triathlon - McMinnville, TN
July 26th - Cedars of Labanon Triathlon - Labanon, TN
September 6th - Old Hickory Lake Triathlon - Hendersonville, TN
September 16th - Music City Triathlon - Nashville, TN

And to finish out the year...

Boulevard Bolt 5 mile- Thanksgiving Day - November 27th
Memphis Half Marathon - December 6th

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